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If you don't like what's outside your front door, why not let us change it for you? From tree removal & trimming through to a full yard clean-up, we can transform your outdoor space into something truly special.  Although we specialize in tree maintenance and care, we also provide a full range of clearing, pruning and cutting services which can dramatically improve the look of your outdoor area. 

Competent Team to Undertake
Your Stump Removal & Grinding

When we do have to take down a tree, we have the right equipment and skills to get the job done safely.  If required, we can remove the stump completely with minimal disruption to your grounds.  Alternatively, why not let us grind it down to a suitable size, enabling you to reclaim the space previously occupied by the tree without major upheaval to the surrounding surface?

Palm Tree Skinning & Removal for
Optimal Plant Health

We pride ourselves on offering a competitively priced selection of tree and grounds maintenance services that give each customer the results they want.  Our combination of cheerful, reliable staff and efficient, professional work explains why we're the tree services company of choice for a growing number of people in the local area. To find out more, call us at (714) 535-8103.

Treat Your Orange County or Anaheim Property to a Yard Clean-Up 

Poorly maintained trees and shrubs don't just look unsightly, they can also be hazardous to people and other plants. Obviously dead branches and diseased trees need to be removed promptly, before a storm or high winds causes them to fall unexpectedly, potentially damaging whatever lies beneath. Overgrown trees can also shut out light from the plants beneath them, as well as harbor rodents or parasites which may harm the tree or adversely affect other species. We will always do our best to conserve trees where possible, at the same time as making sure that they are safe and well-cared for.

Commercial and Residential Tree Services

Jose Martinez Tree Service, Inc offers complete tree removal and trimming services in addition to stump grinding, palm tree skinning, yard cleanup services and more. Don't forget to ask about our yearly maintenance contracts to help you reduce your costs while keeping your landscape beautiful!
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Our team also offers cash discounts and has been providing competent tree services of all kinds for your residential and commercial needs since 1980. Contact us to help you maintain your trees and get dependable service in every instance. Call 714-535-8103 today and ask for your FREE estimate to get the process underway!
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