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Are palm trees on your residential or commercial Orange County property in danger of obstructing sewer pipes or electrical lines? Have one of your palm trees gotten damaged in a storm? Or, are you looking for help with ongoing maintenance and palm tree skinning? Anaheim-based Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc., offers a variety of options for tree maintenance as well as removal services that can help you avoid or eliminate problems with your palm trees. Whether you want them removed or to have them maintained for the sake of the appearance of your property, we can help. Call us now and schedule a free estimate. 

Palm Tree Maintenance, Palm Tree Skinning & Removal in Anaheim + Throughout Orange County 

Our tree services can improve the appearance of existing palm trees. Let us help you with the upkeep of your property. Good maintenance practices can help reduce likelihood of problems with insects and rodents, too. 

Whether you want your property to look good for customers, tenants, or for the overall aesthetic appeal just because you have pride of ownership, our experienced team of tree care specialists are available to take care of your palm trees and other trees, too.

Why Choose Jose Martinez for Palm Tree Services?

We have been proudly serving Anaheim & Orange County for more than 35 years and we have an excellent track record, great reviews, and pride in our work. In addition to helping with palm trees with our palm tree skinning & removal services, we also offer tree trimming and removal for other trees, stump removal and grinding, and we sell firewood, too.

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Reliable Palm Tree Skinning and Removal

Are you having issues with the palm trees located on your property? Our experienced team at Jose Martinez Tree Service, Inc will help you remove your damaged or diseased palm trees with ease. 

Regardless of whether you have palm trees that are in danger of obstructing electrical lines or sewer pipes, we have multiple maintenance options and the hands-on experience to take care of any palm tree situations, while simultaneously maintaining the appearance of your property.

Call 714-535-8103 today and let us take care of all of your palm tree issues!

Benefits of Skinning a Palm Tree on Your Property

  • Improves the appearance of the tree
  • Reduces the potential of rodent and insect problems
  • Helps protect the health of your palm trees
  • Gives your property a well-maintained look
Jose Martinez Tree Service's trained palm tree management team provides quick and convenient services. We offer services for all commercial and residential customers, and we have team members who actually climb the trees for maintenance and our aerial lift truck as well for more difficult situations.
Palm Tree Skinning
Palm Tree Services

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